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Have you considered the benefits of homecare assistance?

Home care can be the best possible option for many people needing support. This could be a half an hour visit a few days a week to a full time live-in carer. Whether help is required with shopping, meal preparation or personal care, we can offer the right solution to suit you, all in the comfortable surroundings of your home.

How can homecare help?
Our care workers are considerate and caring and our tailored care plans consider an individual’s needs, whilst always encouraging independence where possible.

Recognising when care is needed?

Sometimes it becomes clearer that someone needs increasing support when they forget to do the dishes more regularly, or they may muddle up their medication more often. This can be a sign that someone is struggling and needs support. In other circumstances, a doctor or healthcare professional will suggest that someone requires a bit more day-to-day support. Relying on loved ones can be difficult especially if the care is needed more often or long-term. This is where SureCare can help – we offer complete care packages to suit anyone.
Most people would prefer to have their own qualified Care Worker to help them whilst in the comfort of their own home. SureCare’s care services mean our customers can feel at ease and do not have to go through the difficult transition of moving when needing care. We want the process to be as smooth as possible and ensure that everyone is happy with the arrangements with our detailed care plan process.
SureCare care workers are fully trained professionals and undergo consistent training to ensure the best care is provided. We pick our care workers to suit specific needs, and we will always listen to your feedback to make sure they are the best match for everyone.

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